Listen Shakuhachi Japanese traditional music.

Chikuyu-sha is handing down two music styles “本曲 Honkyoku” and “三曲Sankyoku”.

“本曲 Honkyoku” is Shakuhachi traditional music and played by priest “虚無僧 Komuso”. The oldest Kinko Honkyoku song is said to have been made 700 years ago. Honkyoku is unique music because it has typically no melody and no rhythm. Someone says that it is a kind of “禅 Zen” mediation music, contemporary music for modern people, gives “わびさび Wabi Sabi” feeling to listeners and so on. In this music, there is important concept “間 Ma”. Ma means “silent interval” or “space” something like that (there is no accurate word in English). Traditional style Shakuhachi players carefully perform end of tone and give Ma to listeners.

“三曲 Sankyoku” is traditional Japanese chamber ensemble music that is typically consist of Shakuhachi, Koto and Shamisen. This style has been played since late 17th century. Sankyoku music theory is also different from European music one. These three instrumentals sound generally same melody, but three sounds blended into one beautifully and naturally.

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