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Order Shakuhachi sheet music shop published by Chikuyusha Kawase Junsuke.

Order Kimono, Komuso items and Shakuhachi accessories.

From April 1, 2014 it became all-tax notation.
Consumption tax (8%) is charged separately for the indicated price.

The score below can be confirmed by scrolling.

Shakuhachi accessories

Item name List price (tax excluded) stock
Mouthpiece protection (plug-in type)    
Mouthpiece protection (cover type)    
Sinker for swab    
Cloth music score binding    
Wood music score binding    
Cloth Shakuhachi bag (without tassel)    
Cloth Shakuhachi bag (with tassel)    
Music Stand (Steel)    

Costume for concert

Item name List price (tax excluded) stock
Kimono with Mon (Chikuyusha crest)    
Adjusting cost (Unlined Kimono)    
Adding Crest    
Hakama 43,200円
Juban (size M) 6,480円
Juban (size L) 7,020円

Komuso Items

Item name List price (tax excluded) stock
Tengai 22,217円  
Kesa 21,106円  
Gebako 9,185円  
Obi 9,998円 Habit
Tanto case (with tassel) 16,200円 Habit

Please buy us as soon as possible because it will be ordered.

The price will be the consumption tax inclusive price as of September, 2015. Also shipping fee will be extra charge.

For inquiries, please contact below.

How to purchase music

Those who wish to purchase the score will go to the following Takkyu company secretariat
〒 Please fill in your address, telephone number, name, whether you are a Takkyu member, order details E-mail, Fax If there is none Please order by Tel.




■Payment Method

 (1)The general public will be cash on delivery (goods + shipping cost + cash on delivery handling fee).

 (2)Takkyu member will enclose the transfer sheet (gift + postage fee)
within Please transfer within 1 week after wearing. (Please bear the transfer fee)


We ship twice a week on Tuesday, Friday.

Sorry to trouble you, but thank you.

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